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  • Orders placed on or after 7/22/2021 ship in approximately 4 weeks.  Lead times are estimated and subject to change without notice.  If you have a deadline, please let us know when placing your order.



  • Once custom orders are in production, all order changes, including cancellations, are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  No exceptions. 


The Economy Burrow is a favorite of both hammock and ground campers around the world. Made with 20 denier nylon taffeta fabric that features a Nikwax DWR® (durable water resistant) coating to help shed moisture, and an internal calendared finish for down proof construction. Each quilt is generously filled with RDS Certified, 800 fill power, Nikwax® DWR treated duck down to provide insulation on the top and sides of your body, while eliminating flattened and otherwise ineffective insulation underneath. By forgoing the least insulating elements found in most sleeping bags such as a full length zipper, hood, and backside materials our top quilt design will keep you warm and save precious weight and space. Whether accompanied by a ground pad or underquilt, The Economy Burrow will keep you comfortably warm down to its temperature rating with any sleep system. When using The Economy Burrow in conjunction with any ground sleep system, upgrading to a wide width is highly recommended for adequate coverage along the sides of your body.  Proudly made in the USA. 


Read our blog post to learn more about the advantages of camping with backpacking quilts over a sleeping bag!  


Additional information on materials used to build our products can be found here




  • Ultralight design suitable for both ground and hammock sleep systems.

    • Wide width is highly recommended for adequate coverage when used in ground sleeping scenarios.  

  • Unique vertical and horizontal baffling system to minimize down migration

    • Horizontal chamber at the head end functions both as a draft collar and a barrier to vertical seams adding next to skin comfort around the user's face and neck. For added protection, we recommend a Down Hood

  • Customizable temperature rating built for comfort, not survival like most brands
  • Customizable color options for both inner and outer shells

  • Customizable length and width options for the perfect fit

  • Customizable footbox styles for a variety of ventilation and utility options

    • Zipper Footbox:  #3 YKK separating zipper and cinch cord bottom can be cinched tight to retain heat or laid flat like a blanket to ventilate excess body heat.

    • Sewn Footbox:  Completely sewn construction for better heat retention. Recommended for dedicated use below freezing temperatures.

  • Optional Overfill - See article for details

  • Optional Ground Pad Attachment Kit for connecting your ground pad to the top quilt

    • The Economy Burrow has (3) Center Release Buckle tabs on each side for connecting the Ground Pad Attachment Kit

  • Ethically sourced, 800 fill power, Nikwax® DWR treated duck down



  • Customized Top Quilt

  • Stuff sack for hiking (See below for pack size)

  • Cotton Storage Bag for storage



  • Pack Sizes are based on provided Stuff Sack.  Quilt can be compressed further if needed

  • 40° F = 4.5 Liters

  • 30° F = 5.5 Liters

  • 20° F = 8.5 Liters

  • 10° F = 8.5 Liters

  •   0° F = 8.5 Liters



  • Economy Burrow

  • Down product weights may vary +/- 3% due to production variances

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  • 5
    Burrow 20 degree custom

    Posted by Camper chris on 23rd Jul 2021

    I am so glad I choose hammock gear for my sleep system !
    The Phoenix 20 degree under quilt was my. First purchase and I am completely satisfied with its performance.
    My second purchase was the standard hammock and I cannot tell you to skip cheaping out on other brands but you cannot go wrong with this product
    Best sleep ever !!
    My 3rd purchase was the burrow 20 degree custom top quilt and this makes it all work its a cloud of warmth its super light and for the money one of the best values out there .
    So do not waste your money on cheap equipment save a little longer and get the best value with quality you can trust!!
    Ps do not cheap out on the stickers I was hoping for 1 for my SUV

  • 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by Josh on 20th Jul 2021

    The Econ Burrow was an excellent choice when I needed to reduce my pack weight. This is my first quilt, and I am impressed. After a few nights in the Tetons, the quilt held up and kept me warm. Great quality and great customer service!

  • 5
    Econ Burrow 20 degree bag-great value and performance!

    Posted by Robin Park on 12th Jul 2021

    Finally got to try out my new quilt and it performed perfectly. Went with the econ Burrow 20 degree with 1 oz overfill and sewn footbox since I tent to run cold and plan to use in more alpine/high elevation conditions. The quilt construction/craftsmanship is high quality and I love that its made in the USA. It only got down to about 40 F when I tested it out on a bikepacking trip and I was plenty warm (actually too hot to be under the quilt for most of the night!). Way lighter and warmer (and cheaper) than my lighweight sleeping bag. Only minor qualm is the 20 degree bag with overfill does not compress quite as small as I would like but its definitely ultralight and that is a worthwhile tradeoff for me to have something warm enough for alpine/Montana summer nights. I am new to quilts but think I might never go back to sleeping bags now that I have the Burrow!

  • 5
    Excellent product and costumer care

    Posted by Sheryl on 7th Jul 2021

    Product production took longer than expected due to shortage of materials (pandemic-related), but customer service was excellent. When I contacted them, they rushed the shipping to ensure my quilt arrived before my trip (I did leave several weeks buffer when ordering just to be sure, and it arrived the week before I leave yourself some lead time). Excellent product, very warm, performed as expected. Short length, regular width was perfect for me (5 ft 4 in 120lbs) sleeping on ground or in hammock. Thanks for the great product and excellent service!

  • 4
    Economy Burrow Custom

    Posted by Mike on 15th Jun 2021

    It took a while to write this review because I wanted some back-country time with it. I got the 20 degree quilt, long, with the extra width to use both on-the-dirt and in a hammock, and zippered foot box. My last back-country trip was in CO, average altitude was 11, 000 feet, temperature at night was upper twenties as the corn snow froze overnight. I got the economy version as I have not used a quilt before and wanted to try one. Both sleep systems were paired with a NEMO tensor insulated sleeping pad. General Observations:
    the quilt was light, i liked the foot box construction and venting, the Blue Kazoo seemed to pack down smaller than the quilt, this may be due to material volume, i.e. larger foot box, or duck versus goose down. PROS: I found the quilt to be as warm as my long NF Blue Kazoo, and more roomy for side sleeping. Weight of the quilt was about a pound less than the Blue Kazoo, a big positive. Due to the long length of the quilt I did not miss the hood on the Blue Kazoo. CONS: Probably not deal breakers but did drop my rating from 5 stars. The draw string and pad straps are all composed of elastic bungee cord or ribbon cord. though they have survived several trips, I find the elastic dies quickly and needs replacing, think the shock cord in tent poles. I feel the draw cord should be a non-elastic draw cord with the quick-lock as it has, and the pad straps should be flat ribbon with adjustment as the elastic ribbon. It appears the flat webbing ribbon used for the shoulder snaps would be sufficient. Overall the quilt seems to be a sound investment and would recommend it.

  • 5
    Impressive and Budget friendly

    Posted by Avg Joe on 5th May 2021

    Quality stitching, plenty warm, durable enough and very light. It is honestly a no-brainer when shopping for a UL sleep system. The kicker is the customer service, who got me my quilt 4 weeks before the projected lead time for a backpacking trip I needed it for. As long as HG stays this reasonably priced, they have got a customer for life.

  • 5
    Economy burrow

    Posted by Diane Raley on 3rd May 2021

    Finally got to test out my new burrow on the trail this past weekend, and I absolutely love it! plenty warm in the mid 40s and I did not feel so confined as I do in a mummy bag which I used prior. Very soft and I actually slept on the trail as well! Pad attachment straps took a couple of tries but all good with that now and helped to keep from sliding off of pad!! Overall I am very pleased!! Thank you!!

  • 5
    So far so good.

    Posted by Steven on 17th Mar 2021

    I am quite pleased with the ordering process, communication, shipping and service after the fact. That said, the quilt...This is EXACTLY as advertised. I am loving it. You WONT beat the price and the quality seems great so far. A very happy hiker here. Thanks Hammock Gear for an affordable and quality option.

  • 5
    Best value in the industry

    Posted by Marcus on 26th Feb 2021

    Slept around 10 nights in my burrow now. I got a 20* with 2oz overstuff. I have had it down to about 28* and was toasty warm the whole time.

    The performance to price ratio for HG econ insulation is incredibly good. I have recommended HG to 2 friends and am converting more all the time. For a high quality quilt at an extremely reasonable cost, look no further than the Econ line.

    I am 6 ft. 1 in. and the Regular length is fine for me. It gets to my chin no problem. I got the 55 in. Wide version and its not needed for a hammock if you are an average size person. Next time I will probably get a Regular width, but that was my own doing

  • 5
    Customer service

    Posted by Collin on 23rd Feb 2021

    This company has gone above and beyond in every way possible. I have not received my quilt yet but the customer service is 10/10. They have been accommodating and helpful in so many ways. I have not received such good care in a very long time. AMAZING, Well done Hammock Gear!!! you have made me a very happy customer!!

  • 5
    Econ burrow

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2021

    I have had my quit for over 2 years now - I take it backpacking and have never had a cold night. I have an older generation that has snaps which sometimes come undone at night so I think the new zipper model looks like an improvement. I just got another Econ burrow for my brother who has been lusting over my quilt for some time now. I did some price comparisons and it seems Hammock gear is still the best for price to quality.

  • 5
    Best piece of gear I have bought yet!

    Posted by Patrick Van Deventer on 17th Feb 2021

    I have never owned a top quilt, have always used sleeping bags. I went ahead and did the full Wanderlust kit with standard length quilts, and even though I am 6 ft. 5 in. I can definitely make it work! I am sure the tall/wide version would be better, but I was happy to go with the savings and the best part is that I can now hammock or ground camp with this, and have. I am able to stay comfortable and warm, and love being able to adjust for the temperature and also get my hands out without feeling like it have to use jiu jitzu. I have taken it down into the 20s ground camping and down to 7 (F) hammock camping and stayed warm. Get the pad straps for ground for sure especially for std width. This thing is incredibly lofty and lightweight, love it!!!