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Our Economy Burrow series utilizes downproof 1.1 oz / yd² (20D) Calendared Nylon Taffeta fabric and 800 fill power DWR (Durable Water Resistant) Duck Down to achieve impeccable loft and weather resistance, while still remaining light and packable.  A great top quilt for hammock campers and ground sleepers alike, the Burrow Econ series will keep you warm while not breaking your bank account.


Current Lead Times

For orders placed on or after 12/2/19, lead time is approximately 3 weeks to ship this product.


About the Economy Burrow

The Economy Burrow top quilt works well for ground sleepers (make sure you order the wide width) and hammock sleepers alike.  With a Economy Burrow you can rest assured that when those temperatures plummet, you will remain toasty warm.  Our top quilts feature a half taper design and vertical torso baffles, which helps to make sure you have proper side coverage to your hips, while also saving a little bit of weight due to the tapered footbox.  We have two options for foot boxes, zipper and sewn.  The zipper footbox is more versatile, allowing you to unzip and lay the quilt out flat.  The sewn footbox should be utilized if you only camp in cold weather, and don’t need to vent the top quilt.  Each top quilt comes standard with grosgrain loops along the sides of the quilt to allow ease of attaching our Ground Pad Attachment Kit, which comes in handy if you sleep on an insulated pad.  Our Economy Burrow is 15-20% overfilled to help minimize down migration and prolong the loft of the down over time and use.


Duck Down

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit:


Top Quilt Advantages

Having found the Hammock Gear website, chances are you are aware of some of the advantages of top quilts. Their growing popularity, with both the hammock crowd and ground dwellers alike, is due to their function and versatility, especially as compared to traditional mummy-style sleeping bags. Some of these advantages include:

  • ease of entry and exit

  • ease of movement once inside

  • ease of adjustment

  • no wasted insulation under the body

  • no undesired hood-on-the-face

  • no claustrophobia effect

  • weight savings

  • volume savings

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  • 5
    First Cold Night

    Posted by Me on 25th Nov 2019

    0 degree econ, standard fill and length, wide model and zippered foot box for more versatility.
    Didn't want to do a review until I spent at least one cold night in it. The turn around was awesome for a custom quilt. Ordered it on a Friday, was delivered the following Thursday.
    I spent the night in a tent (not a hammock) with a $10 Walmart air mattress and a therm a rest pad under for insulation.
    It dropped down into the mid 20's and I stayed warm all night. I was wondering how something rated to zero would keep me warm at 10 or 20 when I can unzip the foot box and sleep fine in my bed at 70? It's all about how close the quilt is to your body. The only time I had cold spots was when I didn't have it wrapped close to me. My feet did get a little cold; but I expected that with a zipped foot box and regular every day cotton socks. Goose Feet are definitely an investment I'll be making soon.
    Based on my past experience with sleeping bags. At a 0 degree rating I would say this will take you comfortably into the teens. If I wanted to take it lower; me personally... I would send it back to HG for a full 4 oz over stuff.
    No regret's at all! I'll be ordering an under quilt soon.

  • 5
    Great Quilt. Great Price. Temp Accurate

    Posted by John G on 8th Nov 2019

    Got a 20* quilt and have loved it so far. Took it out in 20* weather and was cozy in it with a puffy on. Love the zipper footbox so you can fully unzip and wrap around you in camp. Only complaint is the ground pad attachment system little hooks can be a little difficult to operate with your fingers when it's 20* outside, but still manageable.

  • 5
    Awesome quilt

    Posted by Jason on 4th Nov 2019

    Very pleased with my first purchase from HG! They went above and beyond with my ask for expediency.

  • 5
    Burrow Econ 20

    Posted by Phollower on 29th Oct 2019

    I got to try out my new quilt for a week in the Adirondacks. Nighttime temps ranged into the mid-30s and my quilt kept me warm and comfortable for the entire trip. It was so much easier to climb in and out of the quilt than it was with a traditional sleeping bag in a hammock.

  • 5
    Economy Burrow

    Posted by Kyle Roberts on 28th Oct 2019

    I now have two under quilts and two top quilts from hammock gear. They are all great products. Customer service is very good and there shipping is quite fast as well. If your looking for great quality quilts Hammock Gear is the place to go. I have been very happy with my purchase of these quilts!

  • 5
    Such great quilts for a great price

    Posted by Jason Orman on 28th Oct 2019

    I love that everytime I order from Hammock Gear I am as pleased as I expect. This quilt is for a trip to the Mt Hood region of Oregon and I expect like my previous, this will keep me extremely warm.

  • 5
    Economy Burrow 20

    Posted by Scott Sonntag on 27th Oct 2019

    Use my Economy Burrow this past weekend for the first time. Friday night it got down to 29 degrees. Took a little bit to get used to how the quilt worked but once I got it, I was warm all night. Liked the features and enjoyed the way I could spread out.
    Second night it was 39 degree and rained hard for 7 hours. Stayed warm and dry with a little moisture on the foot but that dried quickly. Can't believe that it only weighs 21 ounces.

  • 5
    Great Value

    Posted by Jeff Bucklew on 24th Oct 2019

    I bought the 20-degree Econ Burrow - my first quilt after years with a serviceable, if clunky, 30 degree Marmot bag. I wish I had bought this far earlier. Roomy, comfy, and warm as hell - all for half the price of many other quilts. The site is easy to use and you get exactly what is advertised. I am going to buy another.

  • 5
    Econ Burrow

    Posted by Pat on 24th Oct 2019

    I had the 20 degree for about 2 years now. It has been out in the field on a dozen or more trip. And it has preformed very well. Last week I was in the High Sierras and temperatures at night we’re in the high teens. While I was a little bit cold, my son was very comfortable in the 0 degree quilt.