Hammock Gear is best known for our line of ultralight down insulated camping and hammock quilts. Designed to both insulate and regulate your body temperature, our quality camping and hammock insulation has you covered whether you sleep in a hammock or pitch a tent. Each model is designed with versatile features to dial in your comfort and are temperature rated for comfort, not just survival. We offer a variety of down hammock insulation options ranging in fill power, and durable water resistance, all of which are ethically sourced. The custom nylon fabrics of our hammock quilts are woven to be lightweight yet durable, offering water repellent and down proof qualities in an array of colors to choose from. Every component of our camping and hammock quilts are designed to excel in efficiency, whether in the form of weight savings, overall performance, customization, and even cost savings. All three of our hammock quilt designs (Burrow, Incubator and Phoenix) are available in both Premium and Economy models, resulting in slightly different final weights and significant cost savings for our customers. We pride ourselves on making all of our hammock quilts and other hammock insulation products in Ohio, and work hard to provide a quality product that is suitable to your needs in all kinds of outdoor recreation scenarios. Whether car camping, thru-hiking, or hanging out in the backyard, our hammock and ground camping quilts are ready for your next adventure. And we know your next adventure wouldn't be the same without them!