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  • Orders placed on or after 4/27/2021 ship in approximately 9 weeks.  Lead times are estimated and subject to change without notice.  If you have a deadline, please let us know when placing your order.



  • Once custom orders are in production, all order changes, including cancellations, are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  No exceptions. 



The Premium Burrow is a favorite of both hammock and ground campers around the world. Made with 10 denier ripstop nylon fabric that features a DWR (durable water resistant) coating to help shed moisture, and an internal calendared finish for down proof construction. Each quilt is generously filled with RDS Certified, 850 fill power, DWR treated goose down or 950 fill power, untreated goose down, to provide insulation on the top and sides of your body, while eliminating flattened and otherwise ineffective insulation underneath. By forgoing the least insulating elements found in most sleeping bags such as a full length zipper, hood, and backside materials our top quilt design will keep you warm and save precious weight and space. Whether accompanied by a ground pad or underquilt, The Premium Burrow will keep you comfortably warm down to its temperature rating with any sleep system. When using The Premium Burrow in conjunction with any ground sleep system, upgrading to a wide width is highly recommended for adequate coverage along the sides of your body.  Proudly made in the USA. 


Read our blog post to learn more about the advantages of camping with backpacking quilts over a sleeping bag!


Additional information on materials used to build our products can be found here 




  • Ultralight design suitable for both ground and hammock sleep systems.

    • Wide width is highly recommended for adequate coverage when used in ground sleeping scenarios. 

  • Unique vertical and horizontal baffling system to minimize down migration

    • Horizontal chamber at the head end functions both as a draft collar and a barrier to vertical seams adding next to skin comfort around the user's face and neck. For added protection, we recommend a Down Hood
  • Customizable Temperature Rating built for comfort, not survival like most brands.
  • Customizable Color Options for both inner and outer shells.

  • Customizable Length and Width Options for the perfect fit.

  • Customizable Footbox styles for a variety of ventilation and utility options.

    • Zipper Footbox:  #3 YKK separating zipper and cinch cord bottom can be cinched tight to retain heat or laid flat like a blanket to ventilate excess body heat.

    • Sewn Footbox:  Completely sewn construction for better heat retention. Recommended for dedicated use below freezing temperatures.

  • Customizable Down Fill Options

    • RDS Certified 850 Fill Power DWR treated Goose Down

    • RDS Certified 950 Fill Power untreated Goose Down

  • Optional Overfill - See article for details. (Link to FAQ page about overfill)

  • Optional Ground Pad Attachment Kit for connecting your ground pad to the top quilt

    • The Premium Burrow has (3) Center Release Buckle tabs on each side for connecting the Ground Pad Attachment Kit



  • Customized Top Quilt

  • Stuff Sack for hiking (See below for pack size)

  • Cotton Storage Bag for storage



  • Pack Sizes are based on provided Stuff Sack.  Quilt can be compressed further if needed

  • 40° F = 4.5 Liters

  • 30° F = 5.5 Liters

  • 20° F = 8.5 Liters

  • 10° F = 8.5 Liters

  •   0° F = 8.5 Liters



  • Premium Burrow

  • Down product weights may vary +/- 3% due to production variances

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  • 5
    Amazing company and product

    Posted by Jeff S on 23rd Jun 2021

    Quilt is light and well put together. Could not be happier with the communication and Company.

  • 5

    Posted by Gregory Smith on 3rd May 2021

    I carried this along with a matching Incubator quilt on a 4 day 3 night trip to Linville Gorge in NC in the last week of April. The lows dropped down to the high 20s the first night, then the low 30s the next night and finally the high 30s the last night. I knew going they were only rated for 40*, so I compensated with a hammock sock. The first night (set up next to linville river) I used my entire set up, Both quilts, the sock, a HG DCF tarp, down jacket, and a pair of thermal britches, and it was a success. Not only did i stay warm, but never even got CBS. The second night (again next to river, just further down)I left the tarp and my jacket off and it was a success again, with only minor CBS
    ( which come to find out was entirely my fault). The 3rd night (on top of mountain) I started in my wool pants and hammock sock, and jacket, and actually woke up burning up. I ended up down to just shorts and a tshirt in the quilts, and the sock unzipped. I couldnt have asked for better testing conditions, and I couldnt ask for better gear. I am beyond pleased with not only the product, but their customer service. Excellent communication and CS skills. I am fixing to order my last set of quilts to round out my collection (a 20* set) and will be the quilts i use on my thru hike next year.

    This will be copied over to the under quilt review

  • 5
    Excellent top quilt

    Posted by Longwinters on 2nd Mar 2021

    Very well made. Really like the brown/black color combo. Got it a week faster than the est time.

  • 5
    Burrow 20f

    Posted by Scott Elliott on 18th Feb 2021

    Went for some goose down on Shugs recommendation, had been struggling to maintain warmth using climashield apex which left me thinking I am one of those cold sleepers...the hammock gear quilts changed my thoughts! Goose down really is perfect insulation and these are superbly well made quilts, super light, super compressible, super warm.
    I went for premium 850 with 2oz overstuff.
    Brilliant job HammockGear.

  • 5
    my favorite topquilt by far (tent or hammock)

    Posted by John from Austin on 5th Feb 2021

    This is my third quilt, and it will probably be my last -- I am happy now! My first was a synthetic-fill from another company that I had to modify quite a bit, and I still thought it was too heavy. My second was a 40 degree Burrow, with a drawstring foot-box, that I have been using for about a year. I love the instant warmth I get from down, and the light weight cannot be beat! My 40 degree top quilt works great in warmer temps -- but after spending a couple of cold 25 degree nights in it (wearing all the clothes I had worked, but was not comfy), I decided it was time to upgrade to a 20 degree quilt.

    The features on these quilts are awesome. I had not realized how much I loved my Burrow until I went back to the old synthetic one for a night -- it lacks the details on the Burrow that I take for granted. I use my quilts both hammocking and tenting, and they work great for both. The neck closure really keeps out drafts in either case, and the D-rings on the side allow an easy attachment to a mattress, which really helps you move around without undue drafts or cold spots while tenting (in a hammock I just tuck it around me). I roll around a lot switching from side to side when sleeping on the ground, and these quilts just work great for me. On the new 20 degree quilt, I got a sewn footbox; you can make a drawstring footbox work by stuffing it with a t-shirt or jacket, but for cold temps, I know I do not want a draft -- I have had nights where I did not tighten the footbox drawstring enough, kicked out the plug while tossing around, and ended up on the cool side. At 40 or 50 degrees, that is fine; below freezing, it is not for me.

    I now have a matched 20 deg F set (Burrow topquilt and Incubator underquilt), in colors I love. I like my underquilt to be dark and low-visibility. For topquilts, I want it a bit lighter in color, so I can find things when I drop them. Finding black gear in a black topquilt on a dark night is no fun. I ordered a light olive color, and it makes a good contrast with clothes and hammock gear.

    I slept out in the yard in my hammock on a somewhat windy 30 degree night, and was toasty warm all night. I use a down helmet for super-cold temps. With my lighter quilt, I would have needed it. With the new 20 degree quilt, I was more comfortable just draping a fleece shirt over my head. It was more comfortable sleeping outside at 30 degrees than in my bed! I am looking forward to getting years out of this one -- it is my favorite already! I will be using my 40 degree quilt if the temps are warm, and my 20 degree will cover me if it is lower. If I ever get back to winter camping in New Hampshire, I will use both!

    One heads-up to offer: I ordered custom-built quilts just before Thanksgiving, the website said it would take 8-10 weeks, and that is how long it took. Your patience will be well rewarded, but if you need it quick, be sure to order one that is in stock. You may not get your choice of colors, but you will not be disappointed in the workmanship or features of these quilts.

  • 5
    Custom Premium Burrow

    Posted by James Cox on 26th Jan 2021

    Exactly what I was looking for. I have used my quilt in the low 30s and was very happy. I sleep warm and this quilt works so well I was actually hot in very low temperatures. It was easy to vent the excess heat and stay comfortable all night.

  • 5
    My second HG Quilt and could not be happier

    Posted by Steve B on 12th Jan 2021

    I wanted to add a warmer quilt to the summer level quilt I bought 2 years ago. the quality is excellent as is the customer service. They have always been available for my questions. The D-rings are new and much welcomed. It seems over filled (got 950) but I did not order overfill. Super nice!

  • 5
    custom 20 degree burrow

    Posted by Peter on 2nd Jan 2021

    Beautiful workmanship. Worth every penny. Thanks!

  • 5
    top quilt

    Posted by Dan on 14th Dec 2020

    I do not write many reviews but I had to write one on this top quilt. Like most people I struggled for a while before buying this item. We all have sleep systems that we make do with. You can get pretty creative when trying to figure out how to take a 40 deg. sleeping bag down to 10 deg. on a hiking trip. I finally went for this top quilt as I was getting into winter camping more and more. I purchased the zero deg. top quilt for my hammock and I could not be happier with the purchase. I have used it from 40 down to a low of 15 and I felt very comfortable throughout. This December I took the quilt to the Adirondacks and used it on a mat in a lean to. I clipped the top around my neck and never had an issue with any cold spots even though I moved around a ton. I highly recommend this item and I am happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Incredible gamechanger

    Posted by Kirstyn Blandy on 11th Nov 2020

    [0 degree overquilt without overstuffing]
    I struggle with temperature regulation as a very petite 5 ft. 2 in. woman weight under 100lbs. I did not believe I would be able to be warm while hammocking under 50F degrees. This overquilt is an absolute gamechanger. It keeps me comfortable, it breathes, it is light, and the handmade quality is impeccable. If anything happens to my bag I will buy another in a heartbeat. Thank you so much, Hammock Gear, for keeping me warm and allowing me to still get out and backpack, whether it is on a windy mountain in a hammock or car camping. This has built my confidence and given me new excitement for more adventures, without worrying about the cold whatsoever. Thank you again!!!

  • 5
    Ultralight AT Backpacker Approved!

    Posted by Nick Smith on 1st Nov 2020

    First, the folks at HG have been great to work with. They will certainly get my continued business.

    I used this top quilt this weekend in the Appalachians where the temp dropped to high 20s. Needless to say, I stayed toasty warm all night!

  • 5
    Premium Burrow Custom

    Posted by Chris Baum on 7th Oct 2020

    This is my second Burrow and its better than the first! Quality construction and materials and great people to work with along the way.