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Material Information

Hammock Gear makes some of the highest quality lightweight down top quilts for hammockers and ground dwellers available anywhere. We take pride in our materials, craftsmanship and customer service.  For ground sleepers, we recommend ordering the wide width, as well as pairing your quilt with a ground pad attachment kit:


Quilt orders placed on or after 6/27/19 have a lead time of approximately 1-2 weeks to ship.  Lead time is subject to change.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Premium Burrow

The Premium Burrow works for both hammockers and ground-dwellers alike. It is a lightweight sleeping quilt that takes the insulation of a traditional sleeping bag and puts it all on the top and sides, leaving the back (which insulation is compressed and unusable anyway) open. Many hammockers use top quilts in lieu of a traditional sleeping bag because they are easier to slide into when it's time to sleep.The Premium Burrow is designed with a half taper, vertical torso baffles, foot box and a cinched top. Comes complete with a stuff sack and storage bag.

Filled with the finest water resistant, 850 fill power or 950 fill power goose down on the market, the Premium Burrow is the finest top quilt we offer.  Our Premium Burrow is 15-20% overfilled to help minimize down migration and prolong the loft of the down over time and use.


Goose Down 

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit:


Top Quilt Advantages

Having found the Hammock Gear website, chances are you are aware of some of the advantages of top quilts. Their growing popularity, with both the hammock crowd and ground dwellers alike, is due to their function and versatility, especially as compared to traditional mummy-style sleeping bags. Some of these advantages include: 

  • ease of entry and exit
  • ease of movement once inside
  • ease of adjustment
  • no wasted insulation under the body
  • no undesired hood-on-the-face
  • no claustrophobia effect
  • weight savings
  • volume savings

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  • 4
    the burrow 10 degree bag

    Posted by brendle on 6th Sep 2019

    the quilt was great- toasty and very lightweight. I did get the extra sleeping bag straps but have not used yet. I am not a huge fan of the strap closure setup but overall great bag

  • 5

    Posted by Cody on 14th Aug 2019

    Now I have only used this quilt for one trip so far but I can say for certain that this is an amazing piece of kit. The quality and craftsmanship of the quilt are top notch and I see this quilt holding up to years of use. I like the different ways you can get it set up and all the color and rating options. But by far the best part is how light weight it is and how small it packs down. I was transitioning from a military surplus sleep system and wanted something for the warmer months that was easier to pack and this was exactly what I was looking for. The Burrow came highly recommended and did not disappoint. And aside from the quality, features, and options you cannot beat HG's CS. I emailed asking about placing and order and receiving it in time for an upcoming trip, I was assured my order would ship in time and it was by far. From time of order to when it was sitting on my door step was 8 days! I am very impressed with not only the quilt but HG in general and would recommend anyone try their gear, you wont be disappointed.

  • 5
    Premium Burrow

    Posted by Joe Harvatine on 11th Aug 2019

    Great product so far - exactly as expected. Used for 6 day/5 nights on Rae Lakes Loop ( Didn't really get cold (low 40's), so my 30deg quilt wasn't tested. Used with and without the straps to tie down to sleeping pad - liked it both ways. All in all - very happy with the quilt, especially the weight.

  • 5
    40 degree burrow

    Posted by Stephen Callahan on 1st Aug 2019

    Best quality top quilt in my opinion. Sized just right and packed full of sweat dreams. Definitely worth buying.

  • 5
    Premium Burrow 20 degree

    Posted by Fred on 3rd Jul 2019

    This is very warm, and is even nice for those cooler nights. could probably use this even if it is 50 degrees out with a light underquilt.

    Very light weight, Fantastic quality, and fantastic customer service!

  • 5
    Premium Borrow 30*

    Posted by Matt B on 30th Jun 2019

    Ordered the Premium Borrow 30* in standard length and standard fill. I did a fair amount of research before dropping this kind if money on a quality quilt so I wasn’t overly surprised at the top notch quality and construction but I was very impressed with the service and turn time. I’ve spent 3 nights with temps in the mid 20’s and would definitely not try pushing this quilt lower but I bought it intending it to be a high Rocky Mountain summer quilt so I’m not too concerned. I’m sure I’ll be ordering another specifically for colder Spring and Fall temps. I’m a Hammock Gear fan and would recommend their products for anyone in the market for quality gear!

  • 5
    40degre premium burrow short

    Posted by Bob Edwards on 30th Jun 2019

    I have used my new burrow a number of times on the trail and in the back yard in temperatures into the low 40's. On the colder nights I added a small foam pad under my feet in the footbox. I was comfortable and warm. The weight savings in my pack is great.
    Finishing a long day of hiking then falling asleep in my hammock with this premium quilt is like checking into a 5 star hotel. 
    I am very pleased with my purchase.

  • 5

    Posted by MIchael on 13th Jun 2019

    Absolutely fantastic. great product very warm but the zip also allows for cooling if too hot. Awesome lightweight alternative to a sleeping bag, as I normally turn my bag into a quilt.
    Service and postage to australia top notch, well done to the postal services.

  • 5
    Excellent customer service!

    Posted by Steve on 27th May 2019

    The first thing I want to say is the most important. Harry Carlson took unbelievably good care of me. I called in a panic 2 weeks before a trip with a million questions. Harry took the time to answer them all and did a major rush for me to get my quilt in less than a week!
    Now, onto the quilt. Excellent build quality and super light weight. I used the quilt on the ground and I ended up tying little Prisik loops to each of the 3 cords to attach to my pad (I don't have the link but you should be able to look it up - I couldn't put pics in this review as far as I can tell). I made the loops out of 6 in pieces of bright green kite twine (not elastic) and the system worked great keeping my quilt in place and keeping cold air out. I got the 30° Quilt with drawstring foot box as I wanted a summer bag with lots of adjustment possibilities. Harry helped with each decision. I went to Zion and the weather was predicted to be a low of about 42° at altitude and tend to get cold easily so I thought the 12° cushion would be OK. The quilt packed down and weighed next to nothing. Unfortunately, the temperatures hit 32° with high winds and heavy rain. I managed to be OK but I needed to wear the down hood I got with just my nose out and my down jacket on top of me under the quilt to just stay warm. I'd wished I'd gotten the 20° quilt. I made it OK but should have planned on 20° warmer quilt then predicted weather to account for variability in the wilderness. At 40° I would have been perfect.
    I did put a Buff in the small hole at the bottom of the foot box cinch to completely seal it so that was not a problem (I have seen that listed elsewhere).
    All in all, I am extremely happy with purchase and would get it again but would get the 20° quilt if I were to do it over. In general, I rarely run into temps below 40° so I am probably still good.