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**Please see details below for this particular tarp**
Quality A Color Moroccan Blue
Flaw None Weight 4.62 oz



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 This was our #1 requested product to launch in 2020! The Hammock Gear Underquilt Protector is here!  Whether you hammock camp in extremely humid and / or extremely cold environments, underquilt protectors are an essential piece of equipment to keep on hand.  Underquilt protectors work by providing you with another breathable layer of fabric between your precious underquilt and the outside elements.  Morning dew, splashing rain, and frozen condensation can wreak havoc on your underquilt, even with water resistant materials.  Underquilt Protectors also help to block wind, which can give you a small boost to your underquilt's temperature rating.  If you don't have one already, pick one up today!


  • Adjustable cinch cord on each end to allow for ventilation.  Loosen it up if you're too hot, or cinch it closed if you're chilly.
  • Full length, adjustable suspension to keep your underquilt protector stable and secure
  • Color coded S-Biner on each end to allow you to connect it to your hammock suspension
  • Compatible with Gathered End Hammocks from 9 to 11 ft Long


  • 10D Ripstop Nylon
  • Weights = 4.62 oz for 10D Ripstop Nylon

Manufactured right here in Reynoldsburg, OH