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For those of you using our Burrow top quilt on the ground, our Ground Pad Attachment Kit (GPAK) is an essential accessory. Not only does it help keep your top quilt secure to your sleeping pad throughout the night, it also helps to regulate the temperature rating of your Burrow.  Efficiently seal out cold drafts by adjusting the closed loop's clips inward, or open it up on those warmer nights to ventilate.  This kit includes two Closed Loops allowing for greater stability compared to other systems which only use one. We also include an Adjustable Strap giving you the option to cinch and seal around your shoulders on those extra cold nights under the stars.

The Burrow top quilt is our best selling product for multiple reasons: it's affordable, ultralight and most importantly, it's high utility. Our top quilt was designed to perform with both hammock and ground sleep systems. You may be surprised to hear that nearly half of our customers purchase this top-quilt with the intention of using it in ground camping scenarios. And with a name like Hammock Gear, we are very proud to say that! That's why we made it our mission to optimize our ground pad attachment system to better suit this common sleep scenario. Watch our latest YouTube video to learn more about this design change by clicking the link above! 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This GPAK is only compatible with Economy or Premium Burrow top quilts purchased after February 1st, 2021.  For quilts purchased on or before that date, please see our Old GPAK



2 x Closed Loops with connectors

1 x Adjustable Strap with connectors



Weight = 0.63 oz (17.9 g)


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