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Important NoteOnce custom orders are in production, all order changes including cancellations are subject to a 10% restocking fee. No exceptions.


Goose down under quilts have proven to be, without question, the preferred choice for insulating the underside of the hammock. Due to super light weight, compressibility and versatility, they outshine the alternatives by a landslide. Their thermal efficiency has allowed brave campers to push the boundaries of cold weather hammocking. Virtually every hammock camper has experienced - through his or her learning curve, the dreaded CBS, or "Cold Butt Syndrome". And virtually every owner of an under quilt has effectively learned how to avoid it. Once you have experienced a down under quilt, you will "never go back".

Hammock Gear provides a full-length under quilt - the Incubator, and a 3/4-length under quilt - the Phoenix. They are known by many to be the most effective on the market today. One of the primary reasons is this: the Incubator and Phoenix are the only commercial under quilts designed with a contour which mimics the shape a person makes when they are laying in a hammock. One of the added benefits of this construction technique is that it leaves a "flap" of fabric along the top and bottom of every down filled chamber. This extra fabric acts as a "floating baffle" which stabilizes the down and helps prevent its shifting. Another reason our UQ's are popular is this: they contain the ideal amount of down Stability - the down stays put when it should, but the design allows for enough manual shifting of down when necessary.


Orders placed on or after 9/29/20 will ship in approximately 8 Weeks.

All of our quilts ship with a 24" x 36" Storage Sack and Stuff Sack for backpacking.


About the Premium Phoenix

With premium water resistant, 850 fill power or 950 fill power goose down, the Premium Phoenix is rated conservatively. The Phoenix is the 'little brother' of the Incubator, approximately 3/4 length. It's ideal for people who are pack size and weight conscious and want to shave those few extra ounces without sacrificing much in warmth or comfort. The Phoenix helps you maximize every ounce by using goose down and with 9 differential baffles that run the length of the quilt, which helps keep the down from shifting, providing more warmth. (The baffles make this much warmer than similar quilts using "sewn-through" construction, allowing more loft).

The Phoenix has a three dimensional, ergonomically shaped cut, which not only reduces weight, but provides a more secure wrap around the hammock, eliminating drafts. This underquilt (or UQ) is 3/4-length. This means it is designed to insulate you from your shoulders down to below your knees. Many hammoock campers will use a small piece of closed-cell-foam pad under their lower legs and feet since they typically require less insulation underneath to stay warm. The Premium Phoenix comes complete with our state of the art shock-cord suspension system, featuring color coded s-biners that help you to easily orient the head and foot end of the underquilt for a quick and effortless set-up. All of our quilts are shipped with a complimentary cotton storage sack, and a nylon stuff sack!


Goose Down

Hammock Gear is committed to providing down products that meet RDS (Responsible Down Standard).  RDS certifies that geese and ducks are treated ethically (no live plucking or force feeding) and the down is traceable back to the source.  Both our Premium and Economy quilts use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. For more information visit:


Under Quilt Advantages

Chances are you are already aware of the advantages of goose down under quilts. To summarize: 

  • thermal efficiency
  • weight savings
  • volume savings
  • ease of use & adjustment (especially compared to a pad)

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  • 5
    10 degree phoenix UQ

    Posted by Craig "Pisco" Gulley on 15th Feb 2020

    I have been using HG quilts for years and finally needed a new underquilt. This is a fantastic product, beautifully sewn and warm. Fits and adjusts perfectly on my Dream Hammock. Looking forward to using this quilt for years to come

  • 5
    Phoenix 950

    Posted by Gilles on 27th Jan 2020

    Many thanks for getting this to me so quickly. The stitching is top notch and after 2 outings it has kept me very warm, outstanding company. I will be back...

  • 5
    Premium Phoenix

    Posted by ATGIRL2028 on 11th Jan 2020

    This is an incredibly warm, soft, light under quilt. I am in love! So easy to set up, it just hooks onto my hammock line that goes to the tree straps. I'm a newbie and looked long and far and did extensive research before I bought this UQ. EVERY penny was worth it! The stitching is perfect. There is no doubt it was hand made. Excellent craftsmanship!

  • 5
    Premium 20 Phoenix

    Posted by Eric B on 3rd Jan 2020

    The products fit and finish was great and it is very warm. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  • 5
    Premium Phoenix

    Posted by Steve Bruton on 21st Sep 2019

    I love this under quilt. I recently used it on my hike of the Vermont Long Trail. It helped to keep me warm and my pack weight down for the steep climbs of the LT.

  • 5
    Quality UQ as usual

    Posted by Riikonen Niko on 28th Jul 2019

    Bought Phoenix 20F to used in Summer time..
    Works just great and the Quality of the UQ is the best you can get.
    My Combo 40F Burrow and 20F Phoenix works great in Finland where it can drop to 40F Even in Summer nights.

  • 5
    Premium 40degre Phoenix under quilt "PERFECTION"

    Posted by Bob Edwards on 30th Jun 2019

    My first backpacking overnight this year was in March and was very cold and so was I. I replaced my synthetic under quilt with the 40deg. premium Phoenix under quilt and have said goodbye to CBS. I am 5'7" short using a Chameleon hammock with a diagonal lay I get excellent coverage. The combination of both 40degre top quilt and Phoenix under quilt makes going to sleep after a long day on the trail like sleeping at a 5 star hotel.
    At first I was hesitant about spending so much money then I realized it is a one time purchase and well worth it. My quest for the perfect night sleep on the trail has come to an end.
    Thank you Hammock Gear!!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Ed Hodgens on 22nd Apr 2019

    Over time, we have purchased two Premium Phoenix, two Premium Burrows, two dyneema tarps, and miscellaneous gear from HG. The products are excellent in design and workmanship and why we keep coming back. Recently, I requested an additional 2 ounces of fill added to my Pheonix. Harry and the staff provided excellent communication, turn around time, and the additional loft I requested. I cannot overstate my appreciation for the integrity and professionalism of the entire HG operation.

  • 5
    Total Game Changer

    Posted by DDVW on 23rd Jul 2018

    I’ve been using a variety of Hammocks over the years- ENO, Hammock Bliss, and of course Hennessy (the best). I was always annoyed by the complication and inefficiency of using a z-lite (or Hennessy) sleeping pad in my hammock, although the ENO with a pocket for the pad worked a little better.

    So, this past week I went to Camp Rock Enon with a cheap Chinese made Hammock, and woke to that familiar chill beneath me around 3am.

    I retrieved my under-quilt from its stuff-sack (lighter and more compact than pad I’ve ever tried), clipped it on, and DING! Like magic (instantly) the chill beneath me was gone. I spent the remainder of the nights totally comfortable with just a Thermorest blanket in the hammock with me.

    These were 50 degree nights, but I have little doubt this under quilt is the final solution to the bottom chill. It’s pricy, but it is SO worth every penny!

  • 5
    Just right

    Posted by Michael on 11th May 2018

    For reference, I'm 6'2", 280. Fluffy, you might say.

    This underquit is perfectly sized. It wraps around your shoulders just right, and runs down to just under my knees. I'm a warm sleeper, but even at 45 degrees, this is warm but not stifling. Together with my 30 degree HG top quilt, I find my body temp management is perfect, I sleep like a baby.

    Buy this under quilt. You won't regret it.

  • 5

    Posted by Ben Dover on 13th Feb 2018

    I havent used this product, i just wanted to rate it

  • 5
    A good size

    Posted by Robert on 17th Dec 2017

    The phoenix 30 is a great size. Im a fairly broad guy and it keeps my shoulders warm. Its super light and well constructed. The suspension is super easy. I couldn't be happier.