What Is Overfill

What Is Overfill?

Overfill is extra down that we can add to our quilts for you, if you'd like it.  More than anything, overfill helps minimize down movement within the quilt.  As a manufacturer of ultralight gear, our quilts are designed to be filled with the industry standard amount of high quality down to keep you comfortably warm.  Each chamber of our quilts is baffled, so the height of the loft is fixed, dependent upon the temperature rating.  By adding extra fill to each chamber, the loft doesn't change, but the down already in each chamber isn't able to move as much. 

Overfill also helps keep the loft of the down within the quilt over time.  The oils within your skin and the constant compression and expansion of down can cause down to lose its loft over time.  By adding overfill to your quilt, you are increasing the longevity of your quilt over time.


Does Overfill Change the Temperature Rating?

Yes and no.  We cannot accurately predict how much each ounce of overfill will affect you, since we all sleep differently.  Since overfill doesn't change the fixed loft of our quilts, we will say that it does not increase the temp rating of your quilt; however, it does have its uses as outlined above.


Can Extra Fill Be Added To My Quilt Later?

Absolutely!  We can add overfill to your quilt after it has been made.  Please reach out to us at if you're interested in adding extra fill to your quilt.  One thing we cannot do is add overfill to the footbox of our Economy or Premium Burrow, once the quilt has been built, due to the construction techniques we use for production.  We also cannot change the temperature rating of a quilt once it has been produced, since the interior baffling height is one of the determining factors for the temperature rating.