Reflective Guy Line (50 ft Hank)

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Hammock Gear Reflective Guy Line

Have you ever tripped over your guy line in the middle of the night?  Have you ever wandered away from camp to do your business, and had trouble finding your setup?  Look no further than our Reflective Guy Line.  Made with low stretch, UV resistant polyester weave, and a polyester core, this reflective guy line cord is perfect for staking out all of your tents and tarps.  The reflective tracers woven into the line allow it to be highly visible once with the shine of a flashlight or head lamp.


Note:  If multiple hanks are ordered, the reflective cordage will come in 1 length.  For instance, if you order (2) 50' hanks, you will receive (1) 100' hank.



Diameter: 2mm (3/32")

Weight: 1.75oz per 50'

Break Strength: 225lbs


Comes in:  Neon Green, Orange, Black, or Dark Olive