Replacement Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Repair Kit

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All of our Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber Tarps ship with a tarp repair kit for in-field repairs.  These Dyneema® repair kits consist of (1) 1" x 8" length for small patches and (1) 5" x 3" patch for larger holes.  Using the same Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber material and an adhesive tape, they allow you to make quick and easy repairs in the field.  The Green uses 0.50 oz / square yard Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber and the Camo uses 0.60 oz / square yard Dyneema (Cuben) Fiber.  Should you lose the one that came with your tarp, or if you need another one just to be safe, here you go!