Schwarze Biene Shorty Table

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All Schwarze Biene Outdoor products are German made, and have been engineered with the highest quality of form and function in mind. The perfect aluminum camp table for your next outdoor trip, or backyard hangout in the hammock or lawn chair. The "Shorty" Schwarze Biene Outdoor table, is compact, lightweight and super quick to assemble. Easily keep your personal items within reach on a stabilized surface that is made to be durable, lightweight and high functioning. Creating a stable clean storage space no matter how uneven, wet or dirty the ground may be is a priceless addition to any outdoor hangout. Simply insert the ground spike into the ground, screw the aluminum table on it and start relaxing. Looking for more room to store your phone or other items? Check out the cleverly compatible Universal Holder or Baggy accessory to extend your Shorty table's utility, or the larger Best Buddy or Big Mama tables!

Product Features

  • Aluminum Table dimensions 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm)
  • 3 piece pole, total length 22.83" (58cm)
  • Cotton storage bag with drawstring
  • Total weight 8.5oz (240g)

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