The WanderLust - Complete Kit for Hammock Camping


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  • Zippered Bug Net Hammock  

  • Ultralight Hammock Suspension: Continuous Loops, Ridgeline, Carabiners, Ultralight Daisy Chain tree straps

  • Quest Tarp: Knotless hardware and color coded guyline for effortless setup

  • Aluminum Y-Stakes (4)

  • Matching Stake Sack

  • Stuff Sack for storing all this gear in one convenient place

RETAIL: $321.94

KIT PRICE: $229.99 (28.6% discount)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 40 oz / 2.5 lbs



  • Economy Burrow Standard Length and Width 20 degree comfort rating: Moroccan Blue Outer Shell & Black Inner Shell

  • Economy Incubator Standard Length 20 degree comfort rating: Moroccan Blue Outer Shell & Black Inner Shell

  • Each quilt ships with a FREE individual storage sack and stuff sack

RETAIL: $711.84

KIT PRICE: $499.99 (29.8% discount)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 88 oz / 5.5 lbs



  • Mesh Gear Sleeve   ($19.99 value)

  • Silicone Seam Sealer for Tarp   ($7.50 value)



The WanderLust is by far our most popular hammock sleep system! This kit was designed to function at pro-level with a price that invites everyone to get the best sleep under the stars! This economical bundle of gear gives you the opportunity to include our industry leading line of American made economy insulation, at a 25% discount that is only made available with this package.

The Wanderlust includes our ultra soft, low stretch, eleven foot long Zippered Bug Net Hammock, available in a variety of colors to choose from. That's one to two feet longer than many of our competitors hammocks. By increasing the length of our hammock, it allows you to achieve a flatter lay, similar to what you experience at home in your bed. This hammock ships fully equipped and "ready to hang", featuring spectra continuous loops and ridgeline, carabiners, and a ten foot pair of our ultralight daisy chain tree straps. Not only is this our lightest weight suspension option, but it is also our most simple to use.  

The Wanderlust Kit also includes our most popular silpoly tarp, The Quest. This shelter features an eleven foot ridgeline, offering ample coverage for your hammock as well as any other gear stowed below. It is also lightweight, waterproof, and resists both sag and water absorption much better than tradition nylon tarps and tents. The absolute best part about this tarp is that it offers a completely knotless setup! Equipped with LineLoc hardware on all tie-out points, setting up your rain fly has never been so fast and effortless. Simply hook the loop end around your stake and pull the top line to tension your tarp's pitch perfectly. Each LineLoc is pre-assembled with color coded guy line that makes orientation even easier. The two ridgeline tie-outs feature twelve foot long neon green reflective cords, while the four perimeter tie-outs feature six foot long neon orange reflective cords; offering high contrast colors to increase visibility during both day and night. We've also added our titanium clip to the ridgeline, making setup and tear down as simple as the clip of a carabiner. This kit also includes four aluminum y-stakes and matching silpoly stuff sack to keep your dirty stakes safely separated from the rest of your gear.

The Wanderlust gives you the option to upgrade your kit with insulation, which is also included in the 25% discount. This steep discount on our insulation is only made possible by purchasing them as part of The Wanderlust kit. Both quilts are economy grade featuring standard length and width sizing, and offer a 20 degree comfort rating (not a survival rating like most brands). Both quilts feature Moroccan blue outer shells and black inner shells. 

For customers who are interested in purchasing customized insulation, meeting their specific size, color and temperature rating preferences; simply select "No Thanks, I want to customize". You will still receive everything else included in the kit for 25% off the retail price, and are free to place an order for custom insulation at any time. Please understand that custom insulation orders are subject to longer lead times and our standard retail pricing, which are declared throughout the website. 

Understand that if you elect to order custom insulation, the ship date of your Wanderlust kit is subject to the declared lead time for custom insulation. Please note that the only customization options available with The Wanderlust are selecting the color of your hammock and tarp. No customization and or substitutes can be made to any components included in The Wanderlust Kit. Please refer to each individual product listing for all kit components to see additional customization options available outside of this special kit offer!


Insulation, Hammock and Quest Tarp are all proudly made in the USA!


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  • 5
    Wanderlust Kit

    Posted by Conner on 24th Jun 2021

    I have been hammock camping for a few years now, after i discovered how much more comfortable it was than being on the ground I never looked back. My wife and I decided this was the year we really went after the sleeping outdoors adventure and we bought her the kit instead of trying to piece together items from different brands. Its a great system for many reasons most hammocks you get would require several pieces and parts upgraded and modified to perform as well and as conveniently, some things you may not even realize youre missing out on for example knotless setup is easy, and reflective guide lines reduce trip hazard. We had a big storm blow through our first night and the hex fly fly kept my wife and our gear dry I was very impressed. The quilts are wonderful and fully adjustable, are light and pack down small. We like that both sides of the Hammock are zippered and HG even thought to put glow in the dark pull tabs on them. I will be monitoring for durability as the Summer progresses but so far we are very please with the features and function! My only suggestion would be to put up some instructional videos people can watch because there are so many great features and functions its easy to miss some of them or not take full advantage.

  • 5
    Great starter kit!

    Posted by Selva on 28th May 2021

    This is a great starter kit for getting to know hammock camping. Super easy to use! I love it, just wish I had gotten a discounted UQ when I had the chance.

  • 5
    Wanderlust hammock kit

    Posted by Brown on 15th May 2021

    Well made
    Easy setup
    Comfortable blankets
    great for primitive backpacking/camping
    light weight
    Very happy purchase

  • 5
    Superb quality and craftsmanship

    Posted by Richard Schnell on 14th Mar 2021

    I bought the wanderlust complete kit at the end of last year and have been itching to try it out. After two amazing nights of sleep under the stars, this product deserves all the praise it gets. The hammock is comfortable, durable and well made. The tarp is more than sufficient for complete coverage, and kept me dry and shielded from the wind. The quilts are highest quality I have ever camped with. We had temps in the low 50s, and quite a bit of wind coming from the lake. I was so warm and cozy all night long! This is truly the highest quality product on the market. Thanks Hammock Gear for making suck amazing gear!!

  • 5
    Hammock Happiness

    Posted by Josh on 8th Feb 2021

    I had been trying out hanging with $20 hammocks, sleeping pads and synthetic sleeping bags. This was the perfect kit to step into a legitimate hammock setup (I also got the UQ and TQ). Until I hung this setup I did not realize what a big, big difference a this was compared to my old setup! Super easy to set up and adjust. Very happy; what a deal!

  • 5
    Wanderlust Kit

    Posted by Drew S on 8th Jan 2021

    Great quality and craftsmanship, and their customer service is phenomenal! This will be my go-to shelter for camping from now on!

  • 5
    I am very satisfied with this purchase!

    Posted by Peter on 2nd Jan 2021

    I just returned from a 4 day backpacking trip on the Ocean to Lake trail in south Florida. Since I knew before going that much of the trail would be flooded, I purchased the Wanderlust to ensure I would not need to set up a tent on muddy, wet ground.

  • 5
    Great set up! Great value!

    Posted by Adam on 16th Dec 2020

    I really could not be more happy with this kit. Every piece is quality made and thoughtful. The suspension system is fool-proof simple without being hefty. The hammock is comfortable and lightweight and well thought out. When I purchased it, I thought I would designate it as my camping hammock. But its my new go to for every situation. The double ended stuff sack is so simple but so effective and convenient. The tarp is MASSIVE and supplies tons of coverage and protection. The mesh sleeve adds a ton continence for a minimal weight penalty. The line locks make setting up quicker and easier than any tent.

    It you are on the fence about the insulation; do it. The quilts at full price are a bargain. Getting them at this much of a discount almost feels naughty. I had this exact set up out with a low 17 F. I woke up in the morning warm and cozy to find an unexpected snow dusting. It really, really does the job.

  • 5
    Warning, might cause obsession!

    Posted by Brian on 15th Dec 2020

    Where do I begin! I received my kit early this year and have used it so many times that my tent is jealous;) I have hammock camped prior in a name brand model, but this hammock is far superior in so many ways. The first thing I noticed was the actual construction, seams and stitching and all of the hardware was top quality. I was nervous about the tree straps as I am a bigger guy, 6 ft and 250lbs but no issues what so ever, my wife was even nervous and she is far lighter than I, they are easy to setup and crazy light. What I love about this kit is the ability to upgrade and swap out components as you wish. The tarp exceeded my expectations and the snake skin makes it a breeze for set up and tear down. I have stayed in windy and rainy conditions and not once did it fail to keep my dry and warm. I purchased the insulation with my kit and plan on a separate review for the quilts, short story they are fantastic as well and true to their rating. I enjoyed hammock camping before, but now I am obsessed! Thank you Hammock Gear for truly great products and excellent customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2020

    Great setup. Especially for those new to hammock camping. Easy to hang, quilts are awesome quality. Cant beat the price.

  • 5
    Fantastic night in the HG kit

    Posted by Matthew Sieber on 15th Nov 2020

    Temps got into the 30s, winds picked up drastically as the night progressed and rain hit in the early morning hours. Sleep like a log. Warm, dry and very comfortable. The materials and design are top notch. Absolutely love this kit.

  • 5
    Wanderlust kit

    Posted by William on 13th Nov 2020

    The kit is well made from top to bottom. It is all I need for my outdoor activities Will be buying another soon.