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Are you in need of a repair or modification of one of our products ? Contact us though email or a phone call and we will see if we can customize or breathe new life into your gear. Once you have contacted us and we agree to the cost or your project/repair, just enter in the agreed upon amount and a brief description of the work to be done.  

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    Tarp exchange

    Posted by Leinna Slone on 18th Dec 2019

    Had to exchange my tarp and Harry was amazing, prompt response and worked with me hand in hand to get issue resolved and my new tarp back to me quick ... Excellent customer service and product.

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    Great Custom Work

    Posted by Ed Hodgens on 4th Sep 2018

    I know, not a big job but custom addition of perimeter and panel tie outs on a dyneema hex tarp done professionally and quickly. Great communication and support. Hammock Gear has always treated us right!’

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    Custom made tarp

    Posted by Ed on 28th Jul 2018

    Very pleased with my new tarp. Hammock Gear typically does not make rectangular tarps, but went ahead and made one for me and in time for my AT section hike. Very high quality. Exactly what I asked for. Would highly recommend Hammock Gear

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    Amazing Service

    Posted by Stuart Finkelson on 1st Jun 2018

    I had custom ordered the Palace tarp to be a little bit bigger than its original configuration asking that it be a 12X12 tarp. in my experience with Hammock Gear they want the customer to be 110% satisfied with your custom request, and if you are not, they will make it right. They have not only made me a lifetime customer but one who will recommend their products. I was very happy with my custom tarp and couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

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    Custom Tarp

    Posted by Steve G on 11th Apr 2018

    Hammock Gear, again, delivered precisely what I was looking for. I wanted a custom tarp I could stake out in any weather, I emailed a good description with a few dimension and they did it simple, light and inexpensive. It works perfectly and the craftsmanship is superb. As always.

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    Great Customer Service, quality Product

    Posted by Ed Hajduk on 29th Mar 2018

    Working with Harry to get my custom Burrow 30 quilt was a joy and a breeze. He sewed on my custom name tags for my kids quilts that I send to him. I can't recommend HammockGear enough. Great company and people.

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    3/4 Phoenix Under quilt 950 fill, nice quilt after a few iterations

    Posted by Chris Guynn on 23rd Jan 2018

    I recently purchased my third under quilt from hammock gear. I have a full length 20F and 40F and decided to go with the 3/4 20F to save some weight. Let me preface this review with saying I am a hiker and have used hammock gear quilts for thousands of miles and would buy from them again and have no plans to get rid of any of the three quilts I have. My experience with custom work was a bit shaky. I ordered a 3/4 pheonix with 950 down to save weight for hiking. When this quilt arrived after putting it on the scale I was surprised to find it weighed the same as an 850 quilt. I suspect the wrong down was used but the issue was they filled the quilt to the 850 weight spec with extra 950 down. I asked the quilt be sent back and corrected since the reason I got the 950 down was to save weight and I had to pay extra for the better down. The quilt was sent back in a timely manner but when I opened the box that was a small amount of down collected in the bag that worried me. After I looked at the quilt one of the baffles had not been sewed back up after some of the down was removed. Again, I sent the quilt back to be repaired. After I received the quilt back I was able to take it camping and have it down to 25F and it did great. All the customer service folks at hammock gear did a great job resolving the issues but based on my prior experience I didn't expect all the issues. As stated before I have many hammock gear products and will most likely purchase others as the need arrises but will be more cautious with custom orders.

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    Amazing custom length -10° Burrow and custom -10° Incubator

    Posted by Marshall "Chesapeake " Moore on 24th Oct 2017

    I was beyond happy with my previous 0° Burrow and 0° Dutch edition Incubator, but had to sell them unfortunately. So when it came time to get a new deep winter set, HG was my first choice. I emailed Harry with some ideas and he took time out of his family vacation to help me design my new quilts. I decided to go with a custom 60" short , minus 10° Burrow, A67 dark olive outer A67 black taffeta inner, 5" baffle height with 19.3 oz of down and a short Incubator, A67 dark olive outer A67 black inner, 5" baffle height with 19.2oz of down. As far as custom alterations, I had them shorten the Burrow to 60", delete the pad attachment points on the Burrow , as well as the Beastie D's along the length of the Incubator and add a tab w/ small Beastie D on each side of the Incubator to match my XLC's net tie back ribbon and head side pull out mitten hook to keep it locked in place on those frigid 10 and 20 below nights. I am beyond happy with how flawlessly they turned out. The work that HG does is absolutely amazing, and if you're thinking of ordering, you won't be disappointed!!!!! Another lifelong customer and win for HG !

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    Very Happy With Custom Tarp

    Posted by Morgan Clements on 10th Sep 2017

    I wanted a very large flat tarp for a thru-hike of the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. HG had a 12x12 cat-cut tarp but I wanted a flat tarp for my purposes. I was unable to find a similar flat tarp in cuben fiber anywhere else and the closest was HG's hammock tarp. I contacted HG and they made it easy - I told them what I wanted and they promptly responded with design drawings, precisely matching what I wanted. They answered any questions I had immediately. The tarp is fantastic, exactly as expected, showed up earlier than promised, and I could not be happier with the service I received. My hike starts March 2018 please feel free to follow along at