Dyneema® Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dyneema® Composite (previously known as Cuben Fiber), a high-performance base non-woven fabric, is quickly gaining popularity in the hiking community. Our Dyneema® Fiber Standar Tarp with Doors is a catenary cut tarp with doors including 2 ridge line tie outs, 4 panel pull outs, and 8 perimeter tie outs. We use 1/2 inch D-Rings on all tie outs except for the ridgeline tie out points which use 3/4 inch Beastee D-Rings.  We also offer the option to upgrade all of the tie outs with LineLoc3 tension hardware to create a knot free set up! If you choose to upgrade to LineLoc3 hardware, we highly suggest adding two of our Titanium Clips to the ridgeline to completely eliminating the need for knots.  Tarps with doors are perfect for winter camping or inclement weather, where closing of the doors is integral for temperature regulation and weather protection.  Our tarps are shipped with a Dyneema® stuff sack and patch kit for in field repairs.

Guylines do not come standard with our tarps. However, we do offer discounted hanks of our reflective guyline in combination with any tarp purchase! Simply select your desired hank length and color for instant savings.

100' : 25% off MSRP

150' : 33% off MSRP  



  • .50 oz/yd² for Green Dyneema® Composite
  • .60 oz/yd² for Camo Dyneema® Composite
  • 8' 6" wide at the widest point
  • Available in ridgeline lengths of 10, 11, or 12 feet
  • No sewn ridgeline means no seal sealing required...ever.
  • All guy line reinforcements are bonded and sewn for maximum strength.


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    Tarp for all seasons first impressions ?

    Posted by LANCE on 22nd Mar 2021

    I have been using Tarps since the 1970s, working for the armed forces and as a bushcraft instructor. As technology moved on the fabrics have become lighter and usually stronger. I prefer ground camping as trees are not always available or accessible. Not having doors is sometimes a problem in exposed areas, enter the Hammock Gear DCF standard tarp with doors in a nice, camouflaged color. I ordered one with a 10ft ridgeline only to find the base line was 5’6” corner to corner. Hammock Gear were most understanding with this ground dweller and exchanged it for a 12’ ridgeline and base line of 7’9”. What a game changer this is. It is like a palace inside and easily takes my 6’6”x37” bathtub groundsheet. Weight wise with 12 carbon pegs, guidelines, groundsheet, and ridgeline it comes in at 19.25oz. The doors are flat but will overlap, (it might be worth considering longer doors for ground dwellers)? All in all, this will be my go-to shelter for 2021.

  • 4

    Posted by Alexander on 21st Mar 2021

    My friend I hike with bought this before any of us now we all have one. The doors are easy to work with, versatile and if you get the lineloc 3s everything is a breeze. I just got back from TN in early March and had little wind coming in at all. Sleep is quieter with the doors shut taught. I want to say this is the best tarp HG has but I will let you know when I get the palace tarp.

  • 5
    Excellent Tarp

    Posted by Greg on 30th Oct 2020

    Tarp did not fail! When the day comes i need another, it will be from hammock gear and DCF.
    Unfortunately though, I put the tarp into an unexpected situation with around 60-80 mph wind and did not have shock cords on my linlocks, so one corner did rip, but I do not consider this a fail, I consider this to be great that this was the only damage it sustained. I am going to send it back to be repaired because it is my favorite piece of gear now.

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    Dyneema Fiber Tarp w/ Doors

    Posted by JFC on 13th Oct 2020

    Another great product from a great company! Not only was the tarp bomb proof on a recent trip, standing up to whatever Mother Nature threw at it, but the customer service (thanks Harry!) is also exceptional.

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    Good Protection at a Low Weight

    Posted by Recalc on 7th Oct 2020

    Tarp has yet to fail me after 4 years using Blake Hitch on tieout & doors. Rain protection is excellent **when properly pitched**. I highly recommend this tarp. HG makes a quality product.

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    Great Tarp

    Posted by Catmando on 6th Oct 2020

    A dyneema tarp is a great weight saver, plus its fully waterproof, and does not absorb water so stays light and dries quickly.

    The hammock gear construction appears solid, only time will tell.

    My only dislike is the tie backs for the doors. These are just little strips of dyneema, which are cleverly attached on the INSIDE so they do not flap in the breeze. However to use them you have to thread them through a small dyneema loop on the outside. doing that was NOT fun in a cold drizzle.

    I do not have a solution to this design conflict. Any solution would add weight, or be would involve leaving a flapping strap on the outside.

    I am going to try rolling the one of the straps into a point and putting some shrink wrap tubing on the end to make a shoe lace like point which would be easier to thread through the outer loop.

  • 5
    12' Perfect for RidgeRunner

    Posted by WideRanger on 22nd Jul 2020

    Got the 12' with storm doors. It's a perfect fit for my RidgeRunner bridge hammock. Also super glad I got the linelocs, it makes everything so easy to adjust. Great tarp.

  • 2
    Dyneema Tarp

    Posted by Ed on 21st Jan 2020

    Very disappointed, the tarp I received was only 98 inches wide not the 102 inches (8' 6") as listed. The tarp was returned without hassle but provided no explanation why it didn't meet their specs.

    Response from HG:
    Apologies again for the issue with your tarp, Ed. After inspection it looks like too big of a hem was used around the tarp, resulting in it being 4 inches narrower. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

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    11 foot dyneema fiber standard tarp with doors.

    Posted by Dave Brown on 14th Sep 2019

    This is the Ferrari of TARPS. I did a lot of research and Hammock Gear’s version is the lightest and best priced one I could find. And after all the amazing quilts I purchased from them I felt confident in making another HG purchase. The tarp arrived in under two weeks as promised and the quality is second to none. Congrats HG, you hit another home run. If you are thinking of investing in the best hammock tarp on the market, go ahead and pull the trigger on one of these fantastically light tarps.

  • 5
    Dyneema Standard Tarp with Doors

    Posted by Gil on 6th Jul 2019

    Holding this tarp in one hand and the sil-nylon tarp that it replaced in the other, the difference is startling. Both tarps are pretty much the same size and with doors. But what a difference in weight! My new dyneema tarp packs a bit smaller, too.
    So far, I've used mine for a week-long trek on the AT, and it worked fine. Since the conditions were warm and dry, I didn't get to enjoy the new tarp's other clear advantage over my old tarp: not sagging when wet. And that was my primary motivator for switching to dyneema.
    I highly recommend HG's neon-green guyline. It's highly visible in daylight, and at night, the light from a headlamp will flat-out "light it up". I also recommend getting HG's mesh sleeve for storing your tarp.. I feel in really shortened the process of storing my tarp, so I could get back on the trail.

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    Tarp with doors

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2019

    Doors work great against rain/wind, both for hammock and (mostly) whatever you hang or store under the hammock. You can also use them to widen the porch a bit in porch mode. Material is great if you like being in the open and look at trees, the moon, or raindrops on the ‘wet’ side. It sheds water much more easily than my other silpoly tarp. Too early to talk about durability yet, but I’m a happy buyer.

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    Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors

    Posted by Daniel Phillips on 9th Mar 2019

    A while back I said I'd never spend for Dyneema. As you lighten your pack and the fun get "funner" you tend to keep going in that direction. I bought the standard tarp with doors in camo. Perfect is the first word that comes to mind. The second and third would be excellent construction. I bought the long ridge line model which completely covers my long hammock. Mine has all the tie out points and I use them all. Check the numerous videos for this tarp on YouTube. Get the snake skin mesh and just roll up the tarp for easy packing. Love it!! Strong and weighs almost nothing!! Dan in So Cal