Dyneema® Hammock Ground Cloth


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Made from Black 1.3 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric, this ground cloth can serve a number of purposes, out in the field.  Oftentimes hammock campers need a space underneath their hammock to keep their pack, shoes, etc. from resting on the wet or dirty ground.  In addition to keeping your gear dry, our ground cloth can also help minimize moisture underneath the hammock if you live or camp in particularly humid environments.  You don't even really need to be camping to enjoy it.  Take it to the beach with you on vacation.  By making it out of 1.3 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric, this ground cloth is ultralight and durable.  This ground cloth features (4) reinforced tie outs with 1/2" Beastee D-Rings to keep it secure to the ground.



Length = 52.5 inches

Width = 34.5 inches

Weight = 2.17 oz (61.3 grams)