Sappy Strap Sack

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You spend all day traipsing through the woods, trying to find that perfect hammock spot for your overnight stay.  You spot two gorgeous pine trees, the perfect length apart.  The first thing you do is look up, to make sure there aren't any widow makers above.  Next comes setting up your hammock for a long night's sleep.  The next day, as you finish your morning coffee and breakfast, you start packing up your hammock setup and discover that your tree straps are covered in pine sap!  Oh no!  You definitely don't want to pack those away with your hammock or other expensive gear.  You realize that you don't have a separate dirty gear bag to pack those sappy straps in.  You should have bought a Sappy Strap hammock strap bag from Hammock Gear!  Never leave home without one!


Made with ultralight Dyneema® Composite Fabric (formerly known as Cuben Fiber) or 20D Silpoly, our Sappy Strap hammock strap bag is the perfect organization tool to keep those sappy straps away from your expensive gear.