Schwarze Biene Woody

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All Schwarze Biene Outdoor products are German made, and have been engineered with the highest quality of form and function in mind. These products are the perfect accessory for your next outdoor trip, or backyard hangout in the hammock or lawn chair. The "Woody", is compatible with all of Schwarze Biene table models. Made from the same high grade aluminum material as the table, this accessory quickly screws onto the bottom of your table, which will then pair with either a photo tripod or whittled stick as a replacement for your table's standard aluminum pole. This is a great option for minimalist adventurers who like to carve wood or typically travel with a photo tripod. Simply mount the Woody onto the bottom screw mount of your Shorty, Best Buddy, or Big Mama table to enjoy the added utility offered by the Woody!

Product Features

  • Aluminum adapter with clamping screw
  • Dimensions 1.1" x 1.6" (28mm x 40mm)
  • Weight 1.3oz (37g) Without photo tripod adapter
  • Weight 1.9oz (53g) With photo tripod adapter
  • Table and Tripod not included with purchase

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