The Titanium Wood Stove

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With our titanium wood burning stove for camping, you can conveniently use natural materials to boil water for dehydrated meals or drinking. Its foldable design makes it the perfect for the ultralight backpacking titanium wood stove so there's no need to carry fuel with you! This stove is also compatible for nesting our titanium alcohol stove, acting as the perfect windbreak with the option to use wood as a fuel alternative in survival scenarios.


  • Titanium construction guarantees extreme durability as well as minimal weight.
  • Open front design for conveniently adding wood.
  • Perforated floor plate allows for air circulation and stabilizing hot coals
  • Circular plate allows for compatibility with smaller cook pots or our alcohol stove.
  • Easy to set up and cook a meal with natural fuel: wood, twigs, branches, etc.
  • Lightweight and compact, folds flat in seconds.
  • Comes with a storage sack that can double as a tinder bag.


  • Weight = 4.00 oz (114 grams)
  • Base = 3.5" square
  • Top = 3.1" square
  • Height = 4.25"
  • Packs down to 5.5" square
  • Manufactured overseas