Fall Gear Upgrades For Hammock Camping

Fall Gear Upgrades For Hammock Camping

Posted by Jaeger Shaw on 13th Oct 2021

Autumn! It’s one of the best times to go camping, hiking, or backpacking. There’s crisp air, more solitude, and colorful foliage. Everyone should strive to spend time outdoors soaking it in! But to do so in confidence, comfort, and style means swapping out summer gear for a hardier fall kit. In this article, we’ll highlight some Fall 2021 gear picks from the Hammock Gear store that will get you stoked to hang out deep into the season.

For starters, treat yourself to a 10 degree rated top/under quilt combo to compliment the 20-30 degree rated quilts you normally use. If you’re only upgrading one this fall, I personally recommend starting with a 10 degree underquilt, since you can more easily augment the top quilt by sleeping in additional layers.

Next on the list, make sure you have a storm-worthy hammock shelter. Fall weather is often cold, blustery, and wet. While you can still camp in an open ended 3-season tarp, nothing beats the peace of mind and protection of a fully enclosed tarp shelter. Unlike traditional tarps, our fully enclosed Journey Tarp has front and back doors. This prevents drafts, spray, and retains warm air, while also providing a buffer against large gusts and reducing the chance of stakes blowing out.

Why not use ground cloth under your hammock? There’s a good chance that you’ll be hanging over wet, dewy grass or mud, which is why it’s worth having a ground cloth to keep your feet and gear dry under the hammock. Our ground cover adds some serious creature comfort, plus it’s ultralight and super durable!

But don’t stop there. Keeping one’s head and neck warm is super important, and that’s why we recommend a modular down hood to supplement a hoodless quilt. They’re ultralight and are even more important if you plan to carry on camping through the winter.

Pick up additional in-hammock storage! In cold weather, we tend to spend a little extra time cozied up in hammocks. And that makes accessories like the Ridgeline Organizer, Mesh Peak Pocket, and Ridgeline Loft extra handy for storing entertainment, munchies, and nicknacks to ensure you have everything on hand while hanging.

Could your next adventure end up being a rainy one? Consider refreshing your dry bags! Good dry bags last a while, but they all eventually wear out from use, developing holes or leaks and compromising their ability to do a very important job. Hammock Gear makes tough reliable dry bags available in 10L, 20L, and 30L sizes. Upgrade today!

While we’re talking about rain, why not pick up a waterproof Backpack Cover? These weigh virtually nothing and can save your derriere during a downpour.

Stay cozy, dry, and enjoy those fall colors! We’ll see you on the trail.