Tarp Door Clip

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Made with a rotating plastic clip, durable grosgrain, and a LineLoc 3, this tiny tent accessory can be used to clip loads of utility to your tarp with doors. Use this tarp clip to easily connect or disconnect your tarp doors independently to a single tie out point, making entry and exit effortless. Easily cinch your doors to pitch the perfect vestibule, adding square footage to your tarp's footprint. This handy piece of gear can also be used to convert your tarp with D-Rings into one with LineLocs for a nearly knotless setup.  Please keep in mind that we only recommend using these for D-Ring conversion on perimeter tie-outs. Do not use these tarp clips on your tarp ridgeline, as the plastic hook is not rated to withstand this amount of force.


Please Note: Cord is not included. Compatible with 2mm (3/32") guy line.



Weight = 0.14 oz (4 grams) each

Breaking Strength = Approximately 10 lbs